LCT-Garfield Gini-Newman

View Videos by Garfield Gini-Newman, Professor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning


LCT-Libby Harper-Clark

View Videos by Libby Harper-Clark, PhD Candidate, Astronomy and Astrophysics


LCT-Steve Joordens

View Videos by Steve Joordens, Professor, Psychology, UTSC


LCT-Susan McCahan

View Videos by Susan McCahan, Professor, Mechanical Engineering


LCT-Clare Hasenkampf

View Videos by Clare Hasenkampf, Professor, Biological Sciences, UTSC


LCT-Adam Chapnick

View Videos by Adam Chapnick, Deputy Director of Education, Canadian Forces College


LCT-Jason Bazylak

View Videos by Jason Bazylak, Lecturer, Mechanical and Industrial Enginnering

Carpentry of Thought (Steve Joordens)
Peer and Self Assessment (Steve Joordens)
Peer Scholar – Sample Assignment (Steve Joordens)
LCT-Practical Tips for Designing and Implementing MCTs (Michelle French, Melody Neumann)
Grading Lots of Papers without Killing Yourself (UofT Writing Centres)
Rubric: On Tutorial Participation (Adam Chapnick, posted with permission)
Rubric: Essay Grading (Adam Chapnick, posted with permission)
Rubrics: Research Paper (Adam Chapnick, posted with permission)
Group Activity Self-Assessment (Delaine Hampton, Rotman School of Management)

Association of American Colleges & Universities: Rubrics
VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education

The following VALUE rubrics were developed by the AAC&U and teams of faculty experts. While the rubrics are intended for institutional-level use in evaluating and discussing student learning, they also serve as helpful samples that can be adapted for classroom use.Posted with permission from AACU.

Civic Engagement VALUE RUBRIC
Creative Thinking VALUE Rubric
Critical Thinking VALUE Rubric
Ethical Reasoning VALUE Rubric
Information Literacy VALUE Rubric
Inquiry Analysis VALUE Rubric
Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric
Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric
Oral Communication VALUE Rubric
Problem Solving VALUE Rubric
Quantitative Literacy VALUE Rubric
Reading VALUE Rubric
Written Communication VALUE Rubric