LCT-Carol Rolheiser

View Videos by Carol Rolheiser, Director, CTSI


LCT-Robert Brym

View Videos by Robert Brym, Professor, Sociology


LCT-Charly Bank

View Videos by Charly Bank, Senior Lecturer, Earth Sciences Department


LCT-Clare Hasenkampf

View Videos by Clare Hasenkampf, Professor, Biological Sciences, UTSC


LCT-Garfield Gini-Newman

View Videos by Garfield Gini-Newman, Professor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning


LCT-Phil Anderson

View Videos by Phil Anderson, Professor, Electrical Engineering
LCT-Jason Bazylak

View Videos by Jason Bazylak, Lecturer, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Maximizing Student Engagement (Robert Brym)
Why Am I a Lecturer? (Charly Bank)
Tips for Presenting to a Large Class (Steve Joordens)
Interactive Teaching Techniques (Kevin Yee, posted with permission of the author)
Small Group Learning Structures (Carol Rolheiser)
Ten Reasons College Administrator’s Should Support Small Group Instruction (Tomorrow’s Professor)