LCT-Clare Hasenkampf
View videos by Clare Hasenkampf, Professor, Biological Science, UTSC
 LCT-Susan McCahan
View videos by Susan McCahan, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
LCT-Phil Anderson
View videos by Phillip Anderson, Electrical Engineering
LCT-Jason Bazylak
View videos by Jason Bazylak, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
LCT-Libby Harper-Clark
View videos by Libby Harper-Clark, PhD Candidate, Astronomy and Astrophysics
LCT-Steve Joordens
View videos by Steve Joordens, Professor, Psychology, UTSC

Classroom Etiquette (Susan McCahan)
Assignment Design Tip Sheet (Susan McCahan, Allyson Skene)
Meeting the Challenge (Faculty of Arts & Science)


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