Communities of Teaching Practice at U of T

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Network

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation is dedicated to the advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) at our institution. We welcome faculty, librarians and staff members interested in conducting research on their teaching to join our SoTL Network activities. For more, please visit the SoTL website.

Online Teaching & Learning Community

The objectives of the Online Teaching & Learning Community (OTLC) are to foster a community of practice that includes all aspects of online teaching and learning (including flipped and hybrid approaches), and to promote professional development through regular, informal meetings both online and in person. Anyone from U of T (faculty, staff and students) can join this growing community of practice. If you have an interest in e-learning pedagogy, including online, blended, and flipped methods, you are welcome to take part. For more, please see the OTLC website for more information

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Network

The objectives of the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Network are to foster a community network that provides an opportunity to share work we are doing across academic program areas, learn from one another and facilitate communication regarding emergent opportunities in this domain. All faculty and staff at UofT who are actively involved in AR/VR project work are welcome to join. Please see the AR/VR Network Website for more information.