Classroom Management

Spend some time before classes begin anticipating how you will manage common teaching challenges. Below are some examples of issues you may want to consider.

Deciding On Your Classroom Management Style

  • Set procedures
  • Set expectations
  • Think about your limits
  • Talk to trusted colleagues about their approach
  • What will you do if expectations are not met?
  • Or limits exceeded?

Class discussion: how will you…

  • ask questions?
  • encourage engagement?
  • deal with the monopolizer?

How will you set policies for….

  • late assignments?
  • missed class activity: lab, etc?
  • missed midterm test?
  • family crisis?

NB: Be sure to familiarize yourself with department/divisional policies, procedures, deadlines and key dates.

Responding to Distressed Students: a quick guide for faculty and staff at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus