U of T Top Ten

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For U of T instructors…

  1. U of T reflects a landscape of diverse teaching contexts. Connecting with people outside your division can help you better understand your own teaching and practice, and inspire future plans.
  2. Get and stay connected – read the U of T e-Bulletin. Sign up for the CTSI newsletter. Ask colleagues what Twitter feeds they follow, what list-servs they are on, etc.
  3. U of T has a new Academic Toolbox, Quercus – the tools in it can support your teaching!
  4. Support your TAs because they support you!
  5. Every course at U of T is evaluated. The course evaluation system provides meaning beyond the numbers – use student data to inform your course improvements.
  6. Know “Who’s Who in the Zoo” – Chairs, Departmental Administrative Staff, HR Office, Research Services, Liaison Librarians, Divisional information technology support, University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA)…can all make life easier for you – find out who they are.
  7. Know how to connect your students to services/resources that will help them navigate their personal and academic life (Academic Success, Accessibility Services, Student Life, Library, Health and Wellness, etc.).
  8. Understand the U of T policy and resource landscape for yourself as a faculty member and for your students – e.g., Accessibilty for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), communications and privacy guidelines, etc.
  9. Review the U of T Grading Policy. U of T does not grade on a curve. Don’t underestimate the importance of well-thought out assignment design and formative feedback.
  10. U of T has a vibrant and growing teaching culture – peer mentoring, integrated learning, communities of practice, teaching centres on all 3 campuses. Find out how to connect with other faculty around teaching. Crowd your landscape with community!

The above information is also available in PDF format.