Section B: Discussions and Considerations

Teaching and the Mentoring of Teaching

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Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation. (2016). Faculty Mentoring for Teaching Report. Toronto: Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, University of Toronto

Part One of the following section discusses and provides suggested teaching topics and content for mentoring meetings that draws on data from this study of mentors and mentees across U of T, and the existing literature and resources collected from other institutions of higher education.

Part Two discusses and offers considerations for mentoring processes, structures and formats.

In this section:

Part One: Teaching Topics and Content for Mentoring Meetings
A) Tenure and Promotion Guidelines for Teaching
Key Considerations
B) Locating Teaching Resources and ‘Accessing Expertise’
Key Considerations
C) Teaching-Related Topics
Key Considerations
D) Informal and Formal Inquiry into Teaching – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
Key Considerations
E) Course Evaluations (CE)
Key Considerations

Part Two: Discussion and Considerations for Mentoring Models and Approaches
Dyadic Model (One-to-One)
Key Considerations
Peer Supported Mentoring
Key Considerations