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Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation. (2016). Faculty Mentoring for Teaching Report. Toronto: Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, University of Toronto

This report was enriched by broad consultation and discussion across many offices, programs and divisions across the University of Toronto (U of T). We are thankful to members of the President’s Teaching Academy who shared important comments and suggestions in the development of our research tools and to Pam Gravestock in the Faculty of Arts & Science who provided feedback in the early stages of the project. We are especially indebted to Erin Macnab and Kelly Gordon in the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and Stephannie Roy in the Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life for their careful review of the draft report. We also appreciated the key insights on faculty mentoring more generally from Karen Leslie at the Centre for Faculty Development in the Faculty of Medicine. Their thoughtful comments and feedback ensured that this document would resonate with many audiences.

Finally, we are grateful for the valuable contributions of Deans, Chairs and other divisional representatives who provided input on current faculty mentoring practices at U of T. Most importantly, we want to thank all the faculty members who generously shared with us their own experiences as teaching mentors and mentees and who offered important insights into life as an instructor at the University of Toronto. Their highs and lows, suggestions and recommendations as captured in this report will no doubt contribute to the continual enhancement of teaching and learning at our institution.