Online Exams/Tests/Quizzes and Delivery

Quizzes Tool in Quercus

The Quercus Quizzes tool can be used for automated online tests, including multiple choice and other common question types. The features available in the Quercus Quizzes tool allow for assessment design that mitigates academic dishonesty – see links to resources that address this in the “How To” section below.


  • Students may experience technical difficulties, interruptions, or other challenges that prevent them from completing the exam on the first try.
  • Offer a lower-stakes online assessment early in the course to allow students to ‘try out’ tools that you are using before using the online tools for higher-stakes tests.
  • When designing your tests/quizzes, focus your test items on students’ ability to synthesize and apply, rather than test on discrete pieces of information they will likely forget.
  • Review and carefully consider the ways that your own previously developed in-person exams may be adapted for online formats but avoid reusing questions from previous years’ exams, which may be available online with answers provided.
  • Be very cautious in selecting textbook-provided questions, or ‘exam bank’ or ‘test bank’ questions that are easily available online with answers provided.
  • Provide clear exam/test instructions and directions.
  • Be cautious of extended time periods to complete online tests and exams, such as 24-hour take-home exams (unless particular students have accessibility needs.)

Try this:

  • The Quercus Quizzes tool is ideal for low-to-mid stakes assessments. Use Quizzes in Quercus for lower-stakes and more frequent assessments throughout the course.
  • Allow multiple attempts and free navigation among other options.
  • Consider a trial run of your timed test/exam with a colleague.
  • Take steps to ensure your students are optimally prepared for your online test/quiz/exam. Include the following information in the Quercus Quiz instructions:
    • Instructions: Provide clear instructions for students on how they should proceed with the online test or exam, including start and stop times.
    • Contact Information: Phone number, email where you (or an assigned TA) can be immediately reached if a student experiences a technical issue during the exam.
    • Best Practice: For longer quiz responses (free-form) suggest that students create their responses in a Word document and paste these into the Quercus Quiz text box (e.g., in case their Wi-fi connection is lost mid-way through the test/exam). Please note that Quercus does autosave but this is an additional recommendation.
  • Through the use of features such as question randomization in the Quercus Quiz tool you are able to create a number of different versions of the same quiz, test or exam, with the questions randomized in these versions.

How to:

  • Select from a wide range of Quercus Quizzes item formats (e.g., multiple choice, true-false, numerical answer).
  • Create an Automated Online Timed Test: use the Quercus Quizzes Tool (video):
    • Includes directions on using quiz configuration strategies (e.g., randomization of questions; time limits).
    • Use Quercus Quiz Settings to maximize security.
  • Quercus Quizzes includes configuration strategies to ensure students with accommodation needs are met (e.g., longer timed exam).