Quercus Course Reviews

CTSI’s Quercus Course Reviews service is intended to provide instructors with formative feedback on how they use Quercus to support their course and teaching. At an instructor’s request, a Faculty Liaison from CTSI and/or a divisional educational developer/technologist provides constructive and appreciative feedback on focused elements of a Quercus course with a view to shaping future course design processes and enhancements while improving pedagogical practices. This service will best meet the needs of an instructor who has used Quercus before and is now looking for more specific feedback on how they use Quercus to meet their teaching and learning goals.

The Quercus Course Review process occurs in three stages:

  • Stage 1: The instructor and reviewer meet for 30 minutes to determine the focus of the review.
  • Stage 2: The reviewer spends 1 hour reviewing the instructor’s Quercus course.
  • Stage 3: The instructor and reviewer meet for 1 hour to discuss the feedback from the review.

To ensure that we are able to provide meaningful feedback, your course should be mostly built in Quercus at the time of review.

Please note:

  • When completing the request form, you can indicate your preferred timeline for the Quercus Course Review. We will do our best to arrange the review according to these dates and thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • A Quercus Course Review is not an observation of a synchronous session. If this is of interest to you, learn more about requesting a Teaching Observation.
  • A Quercus Course Review is not a technical help session. For urgent issues and/or technical support related to Quercus and the Academic Toolbox, we encourage you to contact your divisional educational technology support team or Quercus Help for assistance.
  • Academic units cannot request a Quercus Course Review as part of a summative teaching evaluation process.
  • The Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) will not review Quercus courses as a formal part of a tenure or continuing status review, nor as part of a job application process.