#2: Ticket Out the Door

Purpose: This activity is also called an exit ticket and it provides an opportunity for the students to give low risk/stakes written feedback to the teacher. It allows the teacher to also get some feedback about student learning and even measure the effectiveness of different learning strategies being used in class.


  1. At some point during the class, identify a question that you would like to have students answer and let them know that answering this question will be their ticket out the door. You can even provide them with a small piece of paper that has the question written on it.
  2. Remind students before the end of class and then give students a few minutes at the end of class to write their response.
  3. Make arrangements to collect the tickets. You might have students place them in a box at the door or, you may want to stand at the door and collect them yourself.
  4. As with any learning activity and assignment, teacher feedback is important. It is the essential element to making the activity successful. You must do something with the work in order for the student to know that his effort has been noticed and honored. This could include sending a summary to students by email or responding to their responses at the beginning of the next class.


Tip: This activity can be adapted for large scale classrooms with the use of small groups. Follow up by the instructor can happen in the next class or online.