New and Evolving Spaces

Celebrating CTSI’s 10th anniversary with a countdown of teaching and learning initiatives and partnerships at U of T.

Registration for Learning Spaces + Places – U of T’s Teaching and Learning Symposium opens today. This, the 13th annual Symposium, will bring together faculty, librarians, and staff to share teaching-related research and experiences with our community. This year’s event focuses on the learning environments that we create for our students and ourselves. Understanding the diverse ways we use and occupy space at U of T, and how we teach and learn within these spaces, is a topic CTSI has explored with colleagues and collaborators over the years and one that we will continue to probe to determine how theory and practice connect.

  • We will begin the day at #TLS2019 by addressing the notion of space from a variety of perspectives. Adam Finkelstein, Associate Director of Learning Environments at McGill University is delivering the Keynote, wherein he considers the physical and digital spaces we occupy as a higher education institution. Chika Stacy Oriuwa and Aditya Rau will provide student perspectives on learning spaces, including race, gender and a global context.
  • CTSI has partnered with Academic and Campus Events (ACE) on the Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL) initiative. ACE is also working with Student Life’s Innovation Hub, exploring the many questions surrounding human centred design in classrooms. Both ACE and the Innovation Hub are presenting a poster at #TLS2019. CTSI is currently conducting an assessment of instructors’ and instructional team’s experiences in Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) on the St. George campus to better understand how faculty use ACLs and what additional resources and support they may need in preparation for teaching in ALCs, and to maximize success in these spaces.
  • See how one mathematics instructor approached teaching in Myhal 150, a large technology-enhanced classroom on the St. George Campus.
  • What can an ACL provide for instructors and students? CTSI visited UTM to learn more about their ACL spaces.
  • Active learning can happen in any teaching space, even without the aid of enhanced technology. Visit Active Learning and Adapting Teaching Techniques for tips.
  • The Teaching Assistants’ Training Program provides a number of resources for graduate students on Accessible and Inclusive Teaching, including Fostering Accessible Learning, Innovative Pedagogical Approaches to Access and Mental Health, and Facilitating for Equity.