Faculty Liaison, Teaching, Learning and Technology

Photo Sun Oi

Sun Ooi

The Faculty Liaison, Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTSI) works closely with members of CTSI, ACT (Academic & Collaborative Technology), and educational technologists across the institution to develop, facilitate and assess programming on teaching topics and technology-supported teaching and learning initiatives. She is available to instructors for consultation and feedback on the selection and effective use of technologies to meet teaching and learning needs and goals.

Sun graduated from the University of Toronto with degrees in social work (MSW) and Psychology and Sociolegal Studies (B.Sc.). Before joining CTSI, Sun has worked as an instructor, faculty liaison, and coordinator for social work field education. She uses reflective and flexible approaches when facilitating educational and skills development programs in post-secondary teaching and community settings. She draws from experiences in providing clinical counselling, consultation and capacity building with various individuals, groups and communities.

Derek Hunt

Derek Hunt

Derek is a Faculty Liaison specializing in Teaching, Learning & Technology. Derek is a technology translator and designer of digitally mediated learning spaces for the University of Toronto community. Working through the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI), Derek uses a team-based approach to help faculty produce effective online learning processes and resources. His enjoyment comes from partnering with faculty to discover a new technology or approach which assists with their everyday research work or course delivery.

Derek has a varied education technology background, starting with a Bachelor of Arts from Western University in Media, Information & Technoculture, which incorporated a multi-disciplinary program to find cohesive approaches to technology adoption. Working in various Educational technology units at York University and Georgian College, he supported instructors with classroom technology and online teaching technology. Derek has spent over a decade at OISE, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, guiding faculty through teaching and learning technological change.