SoTL Community at U of T

SoTL Resources

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The following SoTL resources, programming, and educational services were developed in response to a CTSI survey of University of Toronto faculty. Faculty reported the need for a wide range of resources and offerings to bolster their skills and confidence to conduct inquiry and research into their teaching and student learning. Faculty also expressed the desire to connect with others for skills sharing and to develop a community of SoTL scholars. CTSI seeks to meet these needs through its varied and wide range of offerings throughout the year. This section – Research on Teaching – of the CTSI website provides a range of resources and links to events for U of T faculty.

SoTL Tip Sheets

The SoTL Tip sheets are a series of brief resources to assist faculty of all experience levels to learn how they may engage in meaningful, guided, and intentional reflection on their teaching, to nurture a sense of curiosity about their teaching practice, and to begin the process of conducting a SoTL project

SoTL List-serv

Subscribe to the CTSI SoTL list-serv to become a member of the SoTL community and to receive email notices of upcoming meetings and workshops at CTSI, conference and publication opportunities, and to connect with peers by posting SoTL-related questions/comments. The list-serv is open to University of Toronto affiliated staff and faculty.

To subscribe to the list-serv please email Kathleen Olmstead:

SoTL Consultations

One-to-one in-person or phone consultations are available for instructors. To consult with a CTSI staff on a SoTL project, please complete this online request form.

To consult with a Liaison Librarian to explore the SoTL academic literature:

SoTL Programming

  • SoTL Workshop Series: Held throughout the year and led by CTSI staff and U of T faculty with expertise in research on teaching topics, these workshops focus on a range of SoTL topics. Check the SoTL Events page or the CTSI Events calendar for more information.
  • SoTL Cohort Program: A year-long program (June-May) to support up to 15 continuing appointment faculty who will work together on their individual (or group) SoTL projects, through structured workshops, individual consultations and peer mentoring. Faculty will develop skills in project design and execution, as well as contribute to a culture of SoTL activity at U of T. The Call for Applicants occurs in the Spring.
  • Lunch ‘n Learn Series: CTSI hosts lunch-hour sessions to share ideas and experiences on a diverse range of research on teaching topics.

University of Toronto’s Teaching and Learning Symposium

Held annually in May, this event stimulates discussion and the sharing of research, practices and experiences around teaching and learning. The Research on Teaching sessions are an opportunity for faculty to showcase research-in-progress to the wider teaching and learning community. Visit the Teaching and Learning Symposium for more information on this annual event.

Grants Workshop

Held during the summer, this workshop shares important information on two Provostial grants available to support education and teaching at U of T: Learning and Education Advancement Fund (LEAF) and Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF).

To stay abreast of these and other faculty development activities, please subscribe to the CTSI newsletter to learn about events and workshops.