SoTL Events

CTSI facilitates SoTL through hosting a series of workshop focused on a range of SoTL topics, led by CTSI staff and U of T faculty with expertise in research on teaching topics. These workshops offer a peer-supported environment where faculty of all SoTL experience levels may attend and share their research ideas and gain knowledge to further enhance their research on teaching. These sessions are a valuable way to connect with other SoTL researchers and practitioners to further teaching effectiveness.

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SoTL Journal Club

The CTSI-SoTL team is excited to offer a noon-hour SoTL Journal Club Series with monthly events throughout Fall-Winter 2021-22. The goal of this series is to provide an opportunity for our community to explore the SoTL literature in a synchronous group setting, both to find practical applications to implement in our teaching, and to inform our own SoTL projects.

Articles in this series are selected by faculty within our SoTL community, and these papers are a starting point to explore and examine one research study. The faculty facilitator provides discussion prompts to guide and engage us in conversations that will resonate across all disciplines and SoTL experience levels.

CTSI Staff:
Cora McCloy, PhD, Faculty Liaison Coordinator, SoTL
Kyle Turner, MSc, Faculty Liaison, Teaching and Learning

Consider discussing the article asynchronously via our SoTL Hub Discussion forum, whether you attend the synchronous session or not. If you would like to participate in that discussion, please ensure you are enrolled in the SoTL Hub. Click HERE to enroll. Once enrolled, you may access the SoTL Winter Series (Webinar Recording links).

Please email with any questions about this event.

April 19, 2022, 12pm-1pm
Dr. Maria Assif, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of English, UTSC
Dr. Naomi Levy-Strumpf, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Human Biology Program, FAS

Article: TBD


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