2018-19 SoTL Cohort Program

Participating in the 2018-19 SoTL Cohort Program entails a commitment to:

  • attend the June 14, 2018 full-day workshop at CTSI
  • attend the October 24, 2018 SoTL Cohort Work-in-Progress Workshop at CTSI (morning)
  • engage in at least one SoTL Consultation meeting with a CTSI staff member
  • participate as a member of the SoTL Cohort Program panel at the Spring 2019 Teaching and Learning Symposium
  • attend at least three out of six CTSI workshops (each 1-2 hours length) in the SoTL 2018-19 Series
  • provide feedback to CTSI on the SoTL Cohort Program experience