Engaging Students Online

There is no single technological solution that applies for every student, every course, or every instructor. Engaging of our students requires development of a range of approaches that link pedagogy, content and technology to structure appropriate strategies our learners. The resources linked below are provided as starting points for exploration of theory and practice in effective online teaching and learning.

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UofT Educational Technology Catalogue
Our catalogue of existing tools to engage students online.

Pedagogies and Strategies
Examples of activities and pedagogical underpinning for engaging students online.

Motivation and Retention in Large Online Classes
These resources have been developed to provide those who are teaching (large) undergraduate online courses with strategies to motivate and retain their students.

Academic Toolbox (upcoming and new tools)
New and third-party teaching tools extend the functionality of the University of Toronto’s Academic Toolbox – Quercus and the O365 Collaborative Suite

Tools Beyond Quercus
Guidelines for those considering moving beyond the Learning Management Engine