Learner Support and Resources

A. Information about being an online learner and support services. These resources are available as single introductory module specifically designed to be linked from the Quercus course site.

  • Link to general student services and resources (Student Life)
  • Link to resources on conducting online research (Library Research Help)
  • Link to resources on academic support (Academic Success Centre)
  • Link to writing centre/other learner support (Writing Centres)
  • Link to information on accessibility (Accessibility Services)
  • Contact information for Technical Support/Quercus Support (Quercus Student Guide)
  • Information about being a successful online learner/student is provided (Getting Ready for Online)

B. Course specific resources including welcome and getting started content

  • Orientation or overview of the course overall, as well as in each module. Learners know how to navigate and what tasks are due
  • Contact information and short biography for the instructor and co-instructor(s) and TA(s) if applicable
  • Guidelines for student-instructor interactions (i.e. channels for different types of questions and timelines for response)
  • Contact information for academic department or registrar
  • Syllabus (printable option included)
  • Links or reference to relevant information on academic integrity, computer use, course equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Information on access to any accompanying texts or materials not available on the course web site

C. Resources supporting course content

  • Link(s) to web sites with supporting information, links to organizations or associations relevant to course content
  • Glossary of terms or links to definitions of new vocabulary
  • Link to UTL Library resources or Lib Guide if applicable