ProctorU: Privacy and Security Information Notice for Students

The University of Toronto (the University) has been using remote proctoring platforms, such as ProctorU for several years.

ProctorU has been carefully assessed by the University and complies with privacy and security requirements and policies governing student data. It has been audited by our information technology security team to comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). The University of Toronto has a contract (the Contract) with ProctorU® that protects the privacy of the recordings and other personal information in keeping with these standards.

The Contract clearly outlines the principal purposes for which personal information collected by ProctorU may be used, and how long information collected in an exam will be retained. The purpose for collection of your information is to enable ProctorU to deliver a service through which it confirms the identity of students taking assessments and to use video and audio monitoring and student behaviour to support the academic integrity of assessments.

The Contract defines different levels of service, from automated authentication to live proctoring that instructors may choose to use in courses.

ProctorU may not directly or indirectly use, collect, disclose or destroy any Personal Information for any purposes that are not authorized by the University as specified in the Contract.

Specifically, ProctorU has agreed through the Contract to the following terms respecting your personal information:

  • ProctorU agrees that it will collect and store data including an student’s name, address, email address, phone number and institution of enrollment when the student creates a ProctorU online user account, user ID and password.
  • During proctoring, a student’s webcam and computer screen may be monitored, viewed, recorded, and/or audited. In this process the student and their immediate surroundings and anything else within range of their webcam or viewable on their computer screen may be monitored, viewed, recorded, and/or audited during the exam or assessment.
  • It will also be necessary for ProctorU to control the student’s mouse to enter a password that allows access to the exam and a photo of the test-taker will be taken and kept on file by ProctorU.
  • During the exam process, ProctorU will record you and may make notes regarding your recorded behavior, and store such recordings and notes, together with data that may include your name and email address.
  • Recordings made in exams/evaluations will be stored for a year and will be available to designated staff, such as your instructor, at the University.
  • If academic integrity concerns are flagged, the flagged videos are available to assess and address those academic integrity concerns.
  • ProctorU will delete recordings after this time frame has passed.

For your further information:

  • The University of Toronto does not require biometric keystroke measurements for exams.
  • When asked to provide an identity document, you may show your T-Card rather than government-issued identification, unless you cannot find your T-Card.
  • Your account profile data, however, will be retained for future exams/evaluations, as long as you are enrolled at the University.
  • If circumstances arise in which a student is required to directly pay for a proctoring session, ProctorU passes information about the payment method through to a payment processing service and does not store any credit card information. ProctorU does store information about the transaction (i.e. that payment has been made).

If you have questions, please refer to your course instructor or to the Director, Online Learning Strategies through