The Cheesy Smackdown

I am feeling very full right now. Full of cheesy, comfort food goodness thanks to the Mac’n’Cheese Smackdown. Organized by UeaTs (Food Services at U of T), the same folks who brought us Food Truck Fridays and co-sponsored World Food Day events on campus, the Smackdown brought 5 chefs (from New College, Victoria, St. Mike’s, Chestnut, and the Exchange) and 5 mac’n’cheese dishes together. Hungry participants paid $1 a bowl and voted for their favourite. The winner was Chef Jaco from Chestnut Residence.

All that remains....

In truth, Team CTSI was torn between St. Mike’s mom’s style mac’n’cheese (loved the veggies) and Victoria College’s beer, bacon and saltine concoction. It was a combination that we hadn’t encountered before and, as a colleague pointed out, ‘the saltines were the true innovation.’ It was also pretty clear to us that we were taking our voting very seriously. We talked it through, we discussed the pros about each selection (all options were tasty so it was really a struggle to decide which of the pros was the best – a hierarchy of pros, if you will), and we each had to make a tough decision at ballot time. As another colleague noted, “I was torn between ‘Mom’ and ‘Bacon’ until the moment I voted.” It was also the perfect day to sit in Willocks Common and discuss the important things in life. Today it was bacon.

The question now is….. what’s the next smackdown, @UeaToronto? Meatballs were at the top of our list. Or pie. Or apple crisp. Maybe soup? Ah, and now I’m hungry again.