APPENDIX B: CTSI and TATP Services to Help You Develop Your Dossier

Resources and services for faculty developing their teaching dossiers offered by the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation:

  • Teaching dossier workshops and clinics, held approximately once per semester. Check the CTSI Events page for details.
  • Customized dossier workshops or clinics, on request, for your department or division.
  • Confidential individual consultation on your dossier at any stage of its completion. Complete the CTSI online Consultation Request form.
  • Instructors wishing to receive an assessment of their classroom performance can request an in-class observation, followed by a confidential consultation. CTSI staff can provide you with a written assessment of your teaching to include in your dossier. Note: CTSI does not conduct in-class observations as part of a formal review process for tenure review, continuing status review, or promotion.
  • A CTSI Faculty Liaison can help you to develop an assessment plan and collect data to assess particular elements of your course or instruction. These results can be included in your dossier. Complete the online consultation request form.

Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP) resources and services for graduate students and teaching assistants:

  • Teaching dossier workshops and clinics, held approximately once per semester. Please check the TATP workshops page for details.
  • If you are a graduate student enrolled in the TATP Advanced University Teaching Preparation certificate program, you can request a teaching dossier consultation and feedback. A TATP staff member will meet with you at any stage of the development of your teaching dossier to discuss its content or review the material you’ve developed. TATP staff can also conduct a formal evaluation of a completed dossier, indicating potential areas for revision and improvement. Please see the TATP information page on teaching dossiers for information on the TATP dossier review process. Again, this service is only available to AUTP certificate registrants.
  • In-class observations. A TATP staff member can observe one or two of your tutorial, laboratory, or lecture sessions. The assessment form you will receive will describe your teaching approaches and strengths and can be included in your teaching dossier. To learn more or request an observation, please see the TATP information page on in class observations or contact to set up an in-class observation.
  • Microteaching. For those enrolled in the Advanced University Teaching Preparation (AUTP) TATP certificate program, a microteaching session typically involves recording a short lesson in front of a small peer group in order to receive feedback on one’s teaching style. This exercise gives participants the opportunity to practice teaching and receive feedback in a non-threatening and supportive environment. Microteaching also allows participants to gain a new perspective on their teaching through simulating the perspective of the student. Please see the TATP information page on microteaching at or check the TATP workshops page for upcoming sessions.