Further research on gender bias in course evaluation data

In December 2016, CTSI posted an article to the CTSI website on “Examining Bias in Course Evaluations” by Assistant Director, Teaching Assessment Gregory Hum, PhD. As outlined in that post, this is a critically important issue and we are pleased the piece garnered a fair amount of interest. In continuing this discussion, we highlight a recent post by Pamela Gravestock, PhD, Director of Teaching Support & Faculty Development, and Emily Greenleaf, PhD, Research Officer, Teaching & Learning in the Dean’s Office in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Their earlier research on course evaluations was cited in Dr. Hum’s post and laid the groundwork for the course evaluation framework subsequently developed at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Gravestock and Dr. Greenleaf’s post (that appears on the Faculty of Arts & Science website) highlights more recent research and thinking they have undertaken into issues around course evaluations, including gender bias.

To read this post, please visit: http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/faculty-staff/teacher-info/Genderbiasincourseevaluations.pdf