From our Educational Technologoy Experts:

From Ryan Green, Educational Technology Liaison, CTSI is a recently developed website that does just what its name implies; it allows anyone to record and distribute audio as an MP3.  What makes this tool interesting is that it is done entirely through your internet browser, and does away with the need to install any software.  Users just need to have a recent browser, an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash player, and of course a microphone.  Once a user has recorded their audio they have the choice of downloading and saving the MP3 file, or they can use a short URL to share it with anyone.  This ability to either download the file or share a link provide some interesting opportunities for engaging your students in recording their own snippets of audio.  The saved file could easily be submitted as part of an assessment or activity, and the link would allows students to share their recordings with each other, providing the opportunity to give feedback, potentially as its own recording.

I would definitely recommend experimenting and playing around with the tool. I would avoid long recordings, though. When I was using it a couple recordings never finished uploading. They were lost and had to be recorded (which is why I suggest shorter recordings). I would also advice restarting your browser before re-recording. So while there may be the occasional hiccup, the ease of use and sharing still make this a tool worth trying.