Testing and Ordering iClickers

From CTSI (support and resources are available to instructors from all three campuses)
CTSI maintains a trial set of clickers that you can use if you would like to experiment with clickers before integrating the technology with your course or asking students to purchase their own unit. The trial set includes an instructor base unit, which receives the signals from student clickers, up to 100 individual clickers that can be distributed to your students, and the software necessary to analyze, graph, and display student responses. If you would like to borrow this trial set, please complete this ONLINE FORM. If you have any questions, please contact ctsi.teaching@utoronto.ca. Trial sets will be provided on a first come, first serve basis for a maximum of seven days (with the possibility of one renewal).

If you decide to use clickers in your course, you can order them for your students through the U of T Bookstore as you would a textbook. Individual clickers cost students about $45, but they can use the same clicker for each course in which it is required and can sell back their clicker at the end of the year.

To use clickers in your class, you will need a clicker base unit and software from iClicker. These are available free from CTSI on the St. George campus. To arrange to obtain these resources, please contact CTSI at ctsi.teaching@utoronto.ca least two weeks before you plan to begin using clickers in your classroom.

To use iClickers at UTM, please visit the iClicker webpage at the UTM Library. If you have any questions, please contact Simone Laughton at simone.laughton@utoronto.ca.

To use iClickers at UTSC, please visit the Educational Technology Support page at the Centre for Teaching and Learning.