Course Evaluations

The CTSI Course Evaluations team continues to support Divisions using U of T’s Cascaded Course Evaluation Framework and online system through ongoing renewal of resources, new communications, addressing service questions and concerns, consultations, and management and analysis of data. This past year, working with U of T’s Business Intelligence, the course evaluation team also supported the integration of course evaluation data with broader institutional data sources to inform teaching and learning across the University. As more Divisions continue to implement the Framework, the University is better able to analyze and identify teaching trends across multiple contexts.


Our ongoing partnership and collaboration with eXplorance, a Canadian software company, regarding U of T’s Cascaded Course Evaluation Framework promotes U of T’s reputation as an institution committed to excellence in teaching, and provides us with an opportunity to be a leader in student evaluation of teaching at an international level.


The Course Evaluations team actively supports CTSI’s SoTL initiatives. This includes developing tip sheets for the interpretation of course evaluation data, pilot testing BluePulse (a mid-course feedback tool developed by eXplorance), providing faculty with additional tools to contribute to the assessment of teaching, and supporting teaching-related inquiry.

Instructors in Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Faculty Mentoring for Teaching Pilot used Course Evaluation Data to Inform Instructional Goals

“Working with CTSI in the Peer-2-Peer Faculty Mentoring for Teaching Pilot Program has been a tremendous honour and opportunity for personal growth. The exposure to the various models of mentoring, its application across disciplines, and the opportunity to provide and receive peer-to-peer feedback offered incredibly rich learning in an environment that was supportive for both the mentee and the mentor.”
Sharon Switzer-McIntyre, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine

2016-17 Course Evaluation Data

  • + 10, 500 unique faculty reports were produces
  • + 9, 800 unique courses were evaluated across 8 undergraduate divisions and 8 graduate divisions.
  • Course Evaluations have been implemented in 11 Divisions as of Winter 2017.

In 2016-17…

Full Implementation of U of T’s Cascaded Course Evaluations Framework:

  • Arts & Science (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Engineering (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Faculty of Information
  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • Social Work
  • UTM (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • UTSC (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Partial Implementation of U of T’s Cascaded Course Evaluations Framework:

  • Dentistry (Year 2)
  • Pharmacy (Undergraduate)

Coming 2017-18:

  • Architecture
  • Dentistry (Year 3)
  • KPE
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy (Graduate)

Beginning in Fall 2017, whenever a student, who hasn’t completed their evaluations, logs on to U of T’s Portal, one of five CTSI-designed posters appears. The posters capture students’ attention with course evaluation facts, while reminding them why providing feedback is important.

Data Discovery: The implementation of U of T’s Cascaded Course Evaluation Framework and online system continues to grow as our insights into teaching and learning deepen.

A chart that showcases the different types of data collected since 2012.