A new look for CTSI and TATP

Just in case you haven’t already heard, or are new to CTSI and TATP, we launched two new websites this month. The Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP) can now be found at tatp.utoronto.ca and the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) website is sporting a fresh new look and design.

When CTSI was formed in 2009, with the amalgamation of the Office of Teaching Advancements, including the TATP, and the Resource Centre for Academic Technology, we combined three websites and all the information into one. The site highlighted all the work that the offices did and emphasized how teaching, learning, technologies and research come together to support instructors, graduate students and staff, both inside and outside the classroom, and illustrated the many ways that CTSI and TATP staff could provide expertise and resources for the U of T community.

In 2014, CTSI participated in an external review (marking our 5th anniversary) and it became clear that as we participated in a growing number of initiatives and projects – both internally (e.g., increased video production and online publications) and externally (e.g., the online course evaluation system and increased tutorial training for teaching assistants) – we needed to re-examine our website and ensure that we are serving U of T as best we can. So, we started the process of redesigning the site.

The truth is, we knew a redesign was needed and had already conducted in-office brainstorming sessions about what we like and the design of sites we like to visit. The external review simply confirmed for us that it was time. Working with the Webservices team, we considered web analytics, conducted an online survey of users, consulted with colleagues then arranged, and rearranged, and modified our site until we arrived at our streamlined and (at least we like to think) simple site map and design. We slimmed down, without losing content and resources, and ensured that we still have room to grow.

For TATP, we wanted to highlight all the work they do – workshops, training sessions, awards, consultations, certificate programs, online modules and resources – to support teaching assistants and graduate students and emphasize that TATP is a part of CTSI. So, a website all their own with the look and feel (and some combined information, including contact info) as CTSI. We are one office but we broke the information into two sites to simplify things.

If you have any comments about the site, please let us know in the comment section below or email me directly at k.olmstead@utoronto.ca.

By Kathleen Olmstead, Communications Coordinator, CTSI