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Key Resources for Moving Your Course Online

Register for a Teaching, Learning and Technology webinar on teaching in the online environment:

Resources to help instructors plan and deliver courses in the online environment:

More resources for teaching in the current online context:

3 Pathways for CTSI Programming for Online/Remote Teaching

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Teaching Online/Remotely Planning Guide for next term:
This resource guide explores key considerations and provides examples and how-to guides for course planning.

CTSI’s Course Design for Online series introduces the principles of integrated course design and effective online pedagogy to instructors developing a new course or revising an existing course to suit an online environment.

Course Planning Mini Guides
Explore CTSI’s curated collection of resources, webinars, tip sheets and videos. These three flexible, asynchronous mini guides are meant to provide autonomous learning pathways for instructors to navigate based on needs or interest:

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Synchronous and asynchronous programming to support online/remote teaching:

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